Chuck Hughes Lightning Trade Alerts

The Hughes Optioneering Lightning Trade Alerts is a trading service that provides trade recommendations for call and put option purchases. By trading both call options and put options, Lightning Trade Alerts give you the opportunity to profit in both bullish and bearish markets and to leverage short-term stock moves. 

We use our proprietary indicator to generate buy and sell signals for call and put option purchases. As a member of Lightning Trade Alerts, you become a part of an exclusive group of traders that receive these prime trade alerts. 

The Lightning Trade Alerts service utilizes lower-cost option trades. Historical trade results show an average cost of $412 per contract, an average trade length of 7 days and an average monthly profit of $3,344*. Keep in mind, historical profit results cannot predict the same or similar results and trading involves risk including the risk of loss.

* Profit results represent historical option trades for the Lightning Trade Alerts from 05/01/2021 to 04/30/2023 and may not be typical. Profit examples are based on historical testing and not actual trades. Historical performance is not necessarily indicative of future results, has inherent limitations and does not include the costs of subscriptions, commissions, or other fees. There are inherent risks involved with trading options, including the risk of loss. You should only trade or invest your “risk capital” i.e., money you can afford to lose.