About Chuck Hughes

After graduating from college Chuck Hughes entered the U.S. Air Force Pilot Training program. Chuck served six years on active duty as a pilot and six years in the Air Force Reserves. When Chuck completed his Air Force active-duty tour, he got his dream job as an airline pilot flying for a major US airline.

Trading fit in well with Chuck’s full time airline job as he could trade part time on his days off. He liked system trading and developed his own trend-following system that he still uses today. 

In the beginning, Chuck had to start small with a $4,600 trading account. But his tax returns show that he made $460,164 in profits his first two years of trading. This was more than he made the previous six years as an airline pilot. Since then, Chuck has made $Millions trading and has over 3 decades of trading experience*.

Chuck wanted to test the Optioneering® Strategies against some of the best traders in the world so he entered highly competitive trading championships. Chuck is a Ten Time Trading Champion with audited real time annual returns as high as 220%, 300% and even 330% demonstrating the ability of trading the Optioneering® Strategies to deliver consistent, high returns*. 

Chuck has written numerous books on investing and taught thousands of people how to trade. He resides on the Central Coast of California with his wife and six children and now trades full time. He is an avid tennis player and enjoys hiking in the mountains 

How do you trade like Chuck? For more information about Chuck Hughes’s stock and options trading strategies, contact Chuck Hughes below, or call (866) 661-5664 now. 

* Chuck Hughes’ profit results are not typical. Past trade results can’t promise future success as trading incurs risk of loss.